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Who is the most reputable wholesale paper straw in Paris?

Paris is not only the capital of war and light; it is also the convergence of many environmental protection products. Paper straw is one of many popular biodegradable products here. The use of a paper straw can improve ecological pollution and help you avoid unnecessary dangers. In addition, many young people tend to use paper straws instead of plastic ones. So, who is the most reputable wholesale paper straw in Paris? Read the article below for the best answer!

What is Paper Straw?

Paper straws are products made from a special type of Kraft paper. Because this is a type of paper made from the pulp of softwood, it has the characteristics of being durable, tough, and waterproof. Therefore, this type of straw is gradually replacing plastic straws to protect the environment and be safe for consumers’ health.

Who is the most reputable wholesale paper straw in Paris?

If you are looking for wholesale paper straw in Paris, you have come to the right place! Scroll down to read more!

The introduction of paper straws has contributed to reducing plastic waste and improving the living environment of people and other creatures. Therefore, the demand for paper straw is increasing day by day. Many manufacturers are starting to produce and offer this product in the market.

However, finding a reputable wholesaler and providing quality products is a challenge. The best wholesale paper straw in Paris that I would recommend to you is Biogreenstraw. Biogreen is a reputable supplier specializing in providing high-quality paper products.

Paper straws at Biogreenstraw meet international standards. The materials they use to produce paper straws are of the highest quality, originating in Europe.

What’s outstanding about Biogreenstraw’s paper straw?

Biogreen offers quality paper straws that can be used for 2-4 hours in water. In the process of using paper, straw does not affect the health of consumers.

Biogreenstraw’s paper straw production materials

As the best wholesale paper straw in Paris, Biogreen always strives to bring the best quality products. They always try to use the highest quality ingredients to make consumers happy. Many people are curious about the materials for making paper straws as well as the safety of using them.

Biogreen paper straws are made from 100% Kraft paper – virgin wood pulp containing carcinogenic toxins. The product is composed of 3 layers of Kraft paper. The layers are held together by milk glue. Usually bio-coated for waterproofing.

Paper straws come in many different color designs. Users are entirely assured when the manufacturer commits to using food coloring. Printing ink is derived from soy, does not affect consumers’ health.

Eco-friendly paper straws should quickly decompose in the ground in 12 weeks. This is an excellent point that attracts a large number of customers to choose the product.

Biogreenstraw’s paper straw production process

Biogreen paper straws are manufactured according to a modern production line. Automated processes manufacture them. Such as color printing (when needed), paper cutting, spooling, and finally bagging. The colors and glues used to produce these paper straws are specialized and safe for users.

Paper straw is a great product to help us lead a safer life. Environmental pollution will also be improved when plastic waste is reduced. Hopefully, through our recommendations and sharing, you can decide to choose the best wholesale paper straw!

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