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Best wholesale paper straw in Berlin

Meta: Paper straw is very popular nowadays. So, who is the best wholesale paper straw in Berlin? Check it out!

Paper straws have been used a lot in recent times. Consumers are more aware and concerned about the environment and the harm left by plastic waste. The introduction of environmentally friendly paper straws has intrigued its users and sparked the green living movement among young people. In a city as famous as Berlin, paper straw is also gradually gaining popularity. So, who is the best wholesale paper straw in Berlin? Join us to find out the answer in the article below!

What is Paper Straw?

Paper straws are products made from a particular type of Kraft paper. Because this is a type of paper made from the pulp of softwood, it has the characteristics of being durable, tough, and waterproof. Therefore, this type of straw is gradually replacing plastic straws to protect the environment and be safe for consumers’ health.

Pros of paper straw

Diverse designs, eye-catching consumers. It is not inferior to plastic straws in terms of size and color because it is the best product to replace plastic straws.

The cost of paper straw is relatively cheap, second only to plastic straws.

This product can be widely applied and serve the needs of consumers such as business locations and households. Paper straw has a delightful smell, giving consumers a feeling of cleanliness and safety. The special thing is that this product is only used once, so it creates a lot of sympathy for customers without having to worry about cleaning after use. Paper straws, after being used you can be decomposed or taken away for recycling, environmentally friendly.

Cons of paper straw 

When used for a few hours or used to stir a lot in hot water, the straw will become soft, making it difficult to use. Product life is short. This product can also be very flammable because it is made of paper, so please keep it in a cool and clean place when you store it.

Best wholesale paper straw in Berlin

Currently, on the market, there are many wholesale paper straws in Berlin. However, finding a reputable wholesaler and providing quality products is a challenge. The best wholesale paper straw in Berlin that I would like to introduce to you is Biogreenstraw. Biogreen is a reputable supplier specializing in providing high quality paper products.

Paper straws at Biogreenstraw meet international standards. The materials they use to produce paper straws are of the highest quality, originating in Europe.

Biogreen has exported Paper Straws to Europe and Asian countries. With reliable product quality, Biogreen now exports paper straws all over the world.

As we all know, plastic straws take hundreds to thousands of years to decompose. If this continues, our earth will be filled with plastic waste. Therefore, paper straws are the best substitutes available today.

That is also why Biogreen Co., Ltd. was born with the mission and vision to change people’s habits from using plastic straws to paper straws to protect users’ health. In addition, it minimizes the negative impact on the environment, protecting the life around us.

If you are looking for the best wholesale paper straw in Berlin, you can contact Biogreenstraw for advice on premium paper straw products. Certainly, Biogreen products will not let you down.

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