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Best wholesale paper straw in London

Plastic straws and bags are items that are used a lot in everyday life. Plastic straws take decades to decompose. With the increasing situation of plastic waste from plastic straws, using alternative materials to make straws is necessary. Using a paper straw is a useful way to reduce the amount of plastic waste in the environment. How can you find the best wholesale paper straw in London? Check it out!

What is Paper Straws?

Paper straws are products made from a special type of Kraft paper. Because this is a type of paper made from the pulp of softwood, it has the characteristics of being durable, tough, and waterproof. Therefore, this type of straw is gradually replacing plastic straws to protect the environment and be safe for consumers’ health.

How can you find the best wholesale paper straw in London?

Currently, on the market, there are many wholesale paper straws in London. However, finding a reputable wholesaler and providing quality products is a challenge. The best wholesale paper straw that I would like to introduce to you is Biogreenstraw. Biogreen is a reputable supplier specializing in providing high quality paper products.

Paper straws at Biogreenstraw meet international standards. The materials they use to produce paper straws are of the highest quality, originating in Europe.

Biogreen has exported Paper Straws to Europe and Asian countries. With reliable product quality, Biogreen now exports paper straws all over the world.

What types of straws does Biogreenstraw offer?

Biogreen paper straw is very diverse in size and color. To be able to serve many different uses of customers, paper straw has many dimensions such as 

  • Size 197 x 12mm, this type is exclusively used in making milk tea tubes or other beverages with big toppings. 
  • Size 197 x 8mm, this one is intended for use in drinking small toppings. 
  • Size 197 x 6mm, this type is specifically intended for drinking water without topping, such as smoothies.

Why use a paper straw?

You can see that the current environmental situation is getting worse day by day. In particular, although it is only a small product, plastic straws do not have much impact on the environment. But exponentially, many small straws can also cause environmental pollution. And our natural environment takes 200 to 1000 years to decompose completely.

Plastic straws can also be harmful to creatures in nature. Those creatures eat those straws or other plastic waste, causing them to be poisoned or even killed.

Just like when you use those plastic straws, they also expose us to microplastic particles. In the long run, they will endanger your health, causing diseases such as cardiovascular disease, cancer,…

Therefore, we should use paper straws to protect ourselves as well as protect creatures in the wild. More prominent is for our green earth.

This article is information and knowledge about paper straws. Plus our suggestion for wholesale paper straw in London. I hope this article helps you answer your questions. I hope the person reading this post of mine can recognize and start using this type of straw.

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