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Best wholesale paper straw in the USA

The environment is a matter of concern for many countries, including the USA. This country is increasingly interested in environmental protection. Paper straws or items made from paper are widely recommended to reduce environmental pollution. Because paper is a biodegradable material, it is safe for the environment and not harmful to humans. Besides, paper is also a recyclable material, so it saves natural resources. So, where is the best wholesale paper straw in the USA?

What is Paper Straw?

Paper straws are straws manufactured from healthy paper materials. This type of straw is often used to replace traditional plastic straws.

Paper straws also have a variety of designs, styles, and colors to meet all the needs of daily use. In addition, quality paper straws are recyclable and more accessible to decompose than plastic straws.

While plastic straws take decades to decompose, the replacement and use of paper straws will shorten the time. Both ensure safety for health and protect a greener and cleaner living environment.

Best wholesale paper straws in the USA

Currently, many businesses produce paper straws with separate ways of making paper straws. Biogreenstraw is one of the leaders in this field. They manufacture a lot of paper products to protect the health of their customers and the environment.

The raw material for making paper straws is mainly kraft paper. This is the most suitable thickness of paper to make paper straws, ensuring that they do not disintegrate as soon as they become wet.

At Biogreen’s factories, paper straws are produced in a closed process. The production process through the operation of professional equipment and machines.

The glue used makes the straws can be used for 2 to 4 hours continuously without disintegrating. To increase the use by 1 hour more, the researchers used more advanced kraft paper. They also coat them with a layer of varnish, which makes the product waterproof.

Why use paper straws?

As you know, in daily life, it is indispensable for a straw. If you used only to use plastic straws before, now you can replace them with paper straws.

Despite being made of eco-friendly paper, paper straws offer many great uses:

You can easily use this straw at parties for drinking a variety of different types of water.

Paper straws thanks to their high strength, hardness, and good heat resistance. They were guaranteed to be used for all types of drinking water. For example, Ice cream, tea, smoothies, coffee, fruit juice, even high-temperature water will not affect the product.

Currently, in the USA, the trend of replacing paper straws is being applied by many businesses. To influence thinking and direct users to products to better protect the environment.

This article is information and knowledge about paper straws. Plus, our suggestion for wholesale paper straw in the USA. I hope this article helps you answer your questions. I hope the person reading this post of mine can recognize and start using this type of straw.

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