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How to find a reputable wholesale paper straw in France?

More and more factories producing paper straws were born to meet the buying needs of customers. Although paper straws are good for health, not all products are reputable. So when buying, you should choose a place that produces and sells quality paper straws. You may have a hard time finding the best wholesale paper straw in France. To learn more about this type of straw and the best wholesale, please follow the article below!

How to find a reputable wholesale paper straw in France?

Choosing a reputable wholesale paper straw in France will take you a long time to collect information. You need to investigate the price, product quality as well as reputation of wholesale. You can follow the tips below to find the best wholesale paper straw.

Learn more about wholesale

To know if wholesale really provides quality products, you should carefully study the relevant information. You can go to their website to see articles, ideas, and customer reviews.

You can learn about their production process, materials or methods, what is so special about them. You should also check out the paper straw samples they have to ensure it’s what you’re looking for.

Real experience if given the opportunity

Suppose you are still wondering about the products that wholesale offers. You can ask a few customers who have used their products. You will have the most honest and unbiased reviews.

The staff of each wholesale will also be enthusiastic when you have questions. If you have any requirements, don’t hesitate to connect with them directly to get the answers.

Who is the best wholesale paper straw reputable in France?

Referring to the prestigious wholesale paper straw in France, we cannot ignore Biogreenstraw. As the best wholesale paper straw in France, Biogreen always tries to bring the best quality products. They always try to use the highest quality ingredients to make consumers happy. Many people are curious about the materials for making paper straws as well as the safety of using them.

Biogreen paper straws are made from 100% Kraft paper – virgin wood pulp containing carcinogenic toxins. The product is composed of 3 layers of Kraft paper. The layers are held together by milk glue. Usually bio-coated for waterproofing.

Paper straws come in many different color designs. Users are completely assured when the manufacturer commits to using food coloring. Printing ink is derived from soy, does not affect consumers’ health.

Eco-friendly paper straws should easily decompose in the ground in 12 weeks. This is a great point that attracts a large number of customers to choose the product.

The goal that Biogreenstraw is aiming for

Biogreen aims to produce clean, convenient, recyclable, and safe paper straws. Accordingly, they hope to reduce the amount of waste present on Earth and bring a greener, cleaner environment.

When there is a need to use paper straws instead of plastic products, do not hesitate to contact Biogreenstraw immediately to receive the best support. Thanks to owning a large factory and being the main distribution point for agents, they can offer wholesale straws much cheaper than the market. Here, you will own high-quality, environmentally-friendly paper straws at the same price as plastic straws.

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