What is Paper Straws ?

Currently, the issue of environmental protection is one of the urgent issues concerned by many countries. The environment is increasingly seriously polluted by human activities. One of the biggest causes is plastic waste. A straw is an important item that is usually made of plastic. However, using a straw only once leads to this type of waste generating a lot. To solve the problem, a paper straw was born. This is the perfect alternative, helping to reduce the “burden” of plastic waste into the environment. So what is a paper straw, what is it made of and what are its characteristics? Join us to find out the following.

What is a paper straw?

Paper straw  is the perfect alternative

Surely all of us know and have used straws before, right? A straw is known to be a tubular shape. They are often used to move liquid drinks (milkshakes, soft drinks, fruit juices)… from cups, cups to mouths. Most straws in the past were made from non-toxic soft plastic.

However, they are very difficult to decompose in the environment or be reused after they are used. Therefore, people are looking for a new material that is able to retain the advantages and overcome the disadvantages that plastic straws are facing. And the advent of the paper straw is a perfect solution that many people are aiming for.

A paper straw is a straw made from a type of paper called Kraft. This type of paper is made from the pulp of softwood; has very good durability, toughness, and waterproof properties. Therefore, this type of straw can be used in a water environment to replace the plastic straw that supports human needs.

Of course, they also have many great advantages that plastic pipes cannot bring. It’s a product that’s durable, use one-time, and lightweight that’s easy to carry. Materials friendly and safe for human health. The paper straw is made of 100% from kraft paper and organic glue. Can easily decompose in the natural environment after being used.

Structure of the paper straw like?

As you know, paper is easy to soften when in contact with water, to overcome this, people use a paper that reacts slowly to water rather than Kraft. The paper straw will be composed of 3 layers of Kraft paper and bound together through milk glue.

The paper straw will be composed of 3 layers of Kraft paper

If used under normal water conditions, the paper straw can be used for 2-3 hours. However, this time period will be shortened when used with hot water.

Features to know about paper straws

The reason that paper straws are very popular in use today, because they possess some very interesting features as follows:

The decomposition period is from 6 weeks to 3 months, depending on the type of paper used in production.

This tube cannot be recycled after use. The reason is that the production cost is quite low, but the recycling process requires high technology and the price is not cheap, so most manufacturing companies have not had favorable conditions to recycle paper straws food contamination.

Some lines of paper straws are usually made from wood pulp, more advanced ones are made from kraft paper. Some other types of paper such as recyclable paper, biodegradable, biodegradable, or unbleached paper… are ideal paper types for the production of paper straws.

Some lines of paper straws are usually made from wood pulp

If you do not want the paper straw to break when in use, it is necessary to the structure and characteristics of this straw. It is made up entirely of paper, has no waterproof coating, so using a long time in water or stirring will make the paper quickly absorb water and easily break when used. Therefore, in the process of using it you should pay attention to these issues.

Why should we use a paper straw?

It can be seen that at present, plastic waste is one of the leading causes of environmental rancidity. We don’t think using a plastic straw won’t make much of an impact on anyone. However, this thinking is too wrong. Because the environment will take about 200 years, even 1000 years to destroy all of your plastic straws.

The second reason is that using plastic straws can severely damage organisms in nature. They can be eaten by plastic items emitted by humans. Until the stomach is filled with plastic and they die.

The third thing to know is that plastic straws also infect the body with microplastics; Gradually adversely affect health; can even cause heart disease, and cancer.

Using paper straws is extremely necessary, they do not harm the environment, it only takes a few months for them to completely decompose on their own.

Where to buy paper straws?

Straw product is carefully manufactured and guaranteed to be extremely safe and quality

Currently, there are many companies turning to production straws made of paper instead of plastic pipes. This is considered a good signal because more and more individuals and organizations are concerned about pollution issues in the environment. Biogreenstraw is one such unit. The lofty task that we set out when we started the establishment was to research and develop and produce Paper Straws in the world. We specialize in manufacturing and distributing Paper Straws and a leading production line of environmentally friendly technology. Therefore, this straw product is carefully manufactured and guaranteed to be extremely safe and quality.

The paper straw is one of the great achievements in making the environment even more clean. With the article we shared above about the paper straw. Hopefully you can understand that protecting the environment is also protecting the health of you and your family. Let’s join hands for a greener earth.

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