Who is the best wholesale paper straw in New York?

Plastic straws and bags are items that are used a lot in everyday life. Plastic straws take decades to decompose. Environmental pollution due to plastic waste is still a significant problem in New York. With the increasing situation of plastic waste from plastic straws, using alternative materials to make straws is necessary. Paper straw will also protect your health better. So, which wholesale paper straw should you look for in New York? Scroll down to read more!

What is Paper Straw?

Paper straws are products made from a special type of Kraft paper. Because this is a type of paper made from the pulp of softwood, it has the characteristics of being durable, tough, and waterproof. Therefore, this type of straw is gradually replacing plastic straws to protect the environment and be safe for consumers’ health.

Diverse designs, eye-catching consumers. It is not inferior to plastic straws in terms of size and color because it is the best product to replace plastic straws.

The cost of paper straw is relatively cheap, second only to plastic straws.

This product can be widely applied and serve the needs of consumers such as business locations and households. Paper straw has a delightful smell, giving consumers a feeling of cleanliness and safety. The special thing is that this product is only used once, so it creates a lot of sympathy for customers without worrying about cleaning after use. Paper straws, after being used you can be decomposed or taken away for recycling, environmentally friendly.

Who is the best wholesale paper straw in New York?

Many young people tend to use paper straws instead of plastic ones. They have realized it is a useful way to reduce the amount of plastic waste in the environment.

In a prosperous city like New York, using paper straws will benefit your health and the environment. The main problem is that you don’t know who is the best wholesaler in this city. To solve your problem, we recommend you Biogreenstraw. This company specializes in the production of high-grade paper products. All products undergo a closed production process, quality products, and long-term use, no harm to health.

The products they supply carry the FEST brand of SCG Group, one of the largest corporations in Thailand. Their paper straw is 100% biodegradable and has no adverse effects on human health.

What glue does Biogreenstraw use for their paper straw?

In addition to the primary materials used to produce paper straw, glue is an essential material. It is the quality determining ingredient for paper straw.

What glue is used to make this paper straw is extremely important and cannot be ignored? Because it directly affects the product. So, using poor-quality glues will lead to hazardous risks such as causing severe poisoning and cancer for consumers. So the Biogreen researchers used 72 gsm, two gsm, 125 gsm food-grade enameled papers and used a food-grade glue. Ensure the health of consumers and as well as use longer.

The demand for paper straw is increasing day by day, and more and more establishments are producing poor quality paper straw. In New York, you can find an excellent wholesale paper straw, but it’s not easy. You can go to Biogreenstraw to choose the best products. Here you will receive enthusiastic advice from the staff and incentives when buying. Hopefully, our sharing is helpful for you!

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