Who is the best wholesale paper straws in Japan?

Japan is a famous country with the best living environment in the world. Here, most people use organic products. Environmental awareness in this country is raised to the highest level. That’s why recycled products like paper straws are so popular.

The choice of paper over plastic is an eco-friendly alternative. However, it is complicated to find a suitable paper straw supplier. In this article, we will introduce to you the best wholesale paper straw in Japan!

What is paper straw?

Paper straws are straws manufactured from healthy paper materials. This type of straw is often used to replace traditional plastic straws.

Paper straws also have a variety of designs, styles, and colors to meet all the needs of daily use. In addition, quality paper straws are recyclable and more straightforward to decompose than plastic straws.

While plastic straws take decades to decompose, the replacement and use of paper straws will shorten the time. Both ensure safety for health and protect a greener and cleaner living environment.

Who is the best wholesale paper straws in Japan?

Of all the popular wholesale paper straws in Japan, I recommend Biogreenstraws. They offer the best quality products at a reasonable price.

The Japanese are very concerned about the environment. They permanently reduce the amount of plastic waste in daily life. Plastic tools are replaced mainly by paper or wood products.

Paper straws are the most popular products in this country. It is becoming a trend that Japanese youth pursue. Manufacturers are aware of that, so many people are involved in the production and wholesale of paper straws.

However, finding a reputable wholesaler and providing quality products is a challenge. The best wholesale paper straw in California that I would like to introduce to you is Biogreenstraw. Biogreen is a reputable supplier specializing in providing high-quality paper products.

Long use time

Biogreen offers quality paper straws that can be used for 2-4 hours in water. The process of using paper straw does not affect the health of consumers.

High-quality ingredients

As the best wholesale paper straw in Japan, Biogreen always tries to bring the best quality products. They always try to use the highest quality ingredients to make consumers happy. Many people are curious about the materials for making paper straws as well as the safety of using them.

Biogreen paper straws are made from 100% Kraft paper – virgin wood pulp containing carcinogenic toxins. The product is composed of 3 layers of Kraft paper. The layers are held together by milk glue. Usually bio-coated for waterproofing.

Various models, eco-friendly

Paper straws come in many different color designs. Users are completely assured when the manufacturer commits to using food coloring. Printing ink is derived from soy, does not affect consumers’ health.

Eco-friendly paper straws should easily decompose in the ground in 12 weeks. This is a great point that attracts a large number of customers to choose the product.

The demand for paper straw is increasing day by day, and there are more and more establishments producing poor quality paper straw. In Japan, you can find an excellent wholesale paper straw, but it is not easy. You can go to Biogreenstraw to choose the best products. Here you will receive enthusiastic advice from the staff and incentives when buying.

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