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Wholesale paper straw prestige in England

Paper straws have been used a lot in recent times. Consumers are more aware and concerned about the environment and the harm left by plastic waste. Either way, the introduction of paper straws has also contributed to reducing plastic waste and improving our overall living environment as well as other species. In England, people increasingly prefer this type of natural straw. So, who is the best wholesale paper straw in England? Check it out!

Wholesale paper straw is the most prestigious in England

Paper straw appears as a convenient environmental cleaning solution. People can use paper instead of hard-to-decompose plastic, thereby reducing environmental pollution – a problem that many countries are concerned about.

England is one of the most crucial countries in terms of environmental protection. Therefore, the demand for paper straw in this country is increasing day by day. There are many manufacturers starting to produce and offer this product in the market.

However, finding a reputable wholesaler and providing quality products is a challenge. The best wholesale paper straw in England that I would like to introduce to you is Biogreenstraw. Biogreen is a reputable supplier specializing in providing high quality paper products.

Paper straws at Biogreenstraw meet international standards. The materials they use to produce paper straws are of the highest quality, originating in Europe. The products they offer are of high-quality and are safe for health.

What types of straws does Biogreenstraw offer?

Biogreen paper straw is very diverse in size and color. To be able to serve many different uses of customers, paper straw has many sizes such as: 

  • Size 197 x 12mm, this type is exclusively used in making milk tea tubes or other beverages with big toppings. 
  • Size 197 x 8mm, this one is intended for use in drinking small toppings. 
  • Size 197 x 6mm, this type is specifically intended for drinking water without topping, such as smoothies.

How is the quality of Biogreen paper straw?

Paper straw at this company uses all-natural ingredients. Therefore, it can ensure absolute safety for customers to use and be friendly to the natural environment.

The glue used makes the straws can be used for a period of 2 to 4 hours continuously without disintegrating. To be able to increase the use by 1 hour more, the researchers used more advanced kraft paper. They also coat them with a layer of varnish, which makes the product waterproof. The final step is to carry out rigorous product quality checks. Ensure customers receive the best quality products.

The demand for paper straw is increasing day by day, and more and more establishments are producing poor quality paper straw. In England, you can find an excellent wholesale paper straw, but it is not easy. You can go to Biogreenstraw to choose the best products. Here you will receive enthusiastic advice from the staff and incentives when buying.

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