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Why paper straws are worse than plastic?

To replace plastic straws, which pollute the environment. Many types of replacement straws were born, such as paper straws, grass straws, iron straws. But the most prominent is the paper straw. However, many believe paper straws are not as good as plastic straws due to their high production costs and long-term use. Why paper straws are worse than plastic? Join us to find the correct answer in this article.

Why paper straws are worse than plastic?

Paper straws are considered inferior to plastic straws because they cannot be used for a long time and are easily soluble in water. The production cost of this ‘environmentally friendly’ straw is also very high. Plus, you can’t reuse them. Most plastic straws can only be used once in a certain period of time.

Paper straws wholesales are not durable and easily dissolve when soaked in water

While plastic straws take decades to thousands of years to decompose, paper straws can rapidly decompose themselves. It is made of organic wood, so it is environmentally friendly and easy to dissolve when soaked in water.

In terms of durability and reusability, paper straws cannot be compared to plastic straws. Plastic straws can be kept for a long time and will not be waterproof. Paper straws have a much shorter lifespan than plastic straws. Only use in water for 6-8 hours.

The cost of producing paper straws is very high

Businesses will face many challenges when switching from plastic straws to paper straws. One of them is in terms of cost. It is estimated that the production cost of paper straws is 10 times higher than that of plastic straws. They also need to ensure the source of production materials so that the quality, safety for users, and no harm to the environment again.

Should paper straws be used?

No straw is perfect, not even paper straws. It is beneficial in terms of waste disposal. Paper-based items will make waste treatment easier and faster with a short decomposition time.

Therefore, if a paper straw is made from FSC-certified paper, its introduction does not significantly affect the forest ecosystem. And so, paper straws, when properly manufactured and applied, can become a practical solution for the environment.

Currently, the trend of using paper straws is used by many people and businesses. Especially fast food stores like McDonald’s, Texas chicken, … have used paper straws to replace plastic ones. Taking only 6 to 12 weeks to biodegrade, paper straws make waste disposal much easier than plastic straws. According to Nestlé MILO estimates, when switching to paper straws, this brand alone can help reduce nearly 700 tons of plastic waste each year.


Why paper straws are worse than plastic? It can be seen that using paper straws can be beneficial as well as challenging. Although it will be a bit inconvenient and expensive, we can protect our living environment as well as our health. Therefore, try to use green and safe products like paper straws.

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